Marlon Rafael

Curitibano, publicitário, diretor de arte e designer gráfico. Gosto de dizer o que penso e fazer o que gosto. Reverberar, curtir ou twitar, o legal mesmo é criar.


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    Estádio Mineirão - Belo Horizonte. #allin or nothing.

    Massa o trampo desses 2. Vale conferir sempre


    Fantastic lettering work made by Anton Brunistrov for a glass door. Really impressive.



    Lettering by Matt Vergotis

    Zebra Disposable Brush Pen - Super Fine


    Roy Buchanan - Live from Austin TX (by n3ph3sh)


    If Words Could Fly

    This inspiring and beautiful 3D poster was created in support of the people of Fukushima, Japan. Called ‘Words can fly a thousand miles’, the sentiment seems quite apt again following the Oklahoma Tornado.

    The team of designers, based in Montreal, were inspired by the Japanese custom of Senbazuru that promises luck or a wish to anyone folding a thousand origami cranes.

    Once complete, the team sough donations and handwritten messages to console and encourage people after the devastation. You can see it in progress here.

    Credits: Creative Director: Kyosuke Nishida, Art Director: Kyosuke Nishida, Brian Li Sui Fong, Designer: Dominic Liu, Photographer: Simon Duhamel. This project was realised with the help of Surface3 Design Office.

    Wannabe Jalva - The Way (Lyric Video) (by wannabejalva)

    Sonzera Manera!

    Ratatat: Classics - Full Album [HD] (by Ralphaz22)

    Apoio a série Meninos da Fila

    CATARSE H264 13122012

    Pão e cerveja ou seria pão de cerveja? Aprovadíssmo, pão de cerveja preta!

    Divulgação do 20. Internationales Trickfilm-Festival 2013 Stuttgart 

    Muito bom!

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